Competitive Program

Competitive gymnasts at Northern Lights 2013

Our competitive rhythmic gymnastics programs start at 4 hours per week, with our highly competitive National Stream athletes training a total of 16 hours per week. Our talented staff of coaches and choreographers ensure our athletes develop skills in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

All of our competitive programs cover strength training and conditioning, flexibility training, basic ballet, and apparatus and skill development, with a focus on developing and maintaining either individual or group routines. Gymnasts have many opportunities to compete and perform their routines throughout the season.

Individual competitors perform routines 60-90 seconds in length. Gymnasts perform jumps, turns, tumbling, acrobatic and other dance elements. The apparatus must be in constant motion and coordinated with the body movements and music.

Group competition typically involves a team of two, three, four or five gymnasts who perform a routine 90-150 seconds in length. In addition to all the elements performed in individual competition, groups must demonstrate exchanges of apparatus between athletes throughout the routine.

Each season, all recreational athletes ages 6 and older are invited to attend our Competitive Assessment and Evaluation Camp and may be invited to enroll in our competitive programs the following season.

2019-20 Provincial Stream and Interclub Competitive Program Information

Sapphires and RGM Waivers

To schedule an Athlete Assessment for entry into our competitive programs, contact Tanya at 204-226-2351